TruDurance: Architectural Powder Coatings

Architectural Powder Coatings

TruDurance architectural powder coatings are AAMA 2603 powder coatings, AAMA 2604 powder coatings, and AAMA 2605 powder coatingsArchitectural and building products powder coatings are a greener alternative than other surface finishes and provide enhanced durability that is appropriate for applications such as metal facades, railings, window frames, and light poles. 

We developed our TruDurance Architectural Powder Coatings to comply with AAMA 2603, 2604 and 2605 specifications. 

Each product series comes in a wide array of powder coat colors and is available in a range of gloss and cure responses appropriate for the technology.

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9000 Series – AAMA 2603 Specification 10000 Series – AAMA 2604 Specification 11000 Series – AAMA 2605 Specification

Certified Applicators

TCI has one of the most extensive and comprehensive auditing programs in the powder coating industry. Our field technicians are trained to evaluate all aspects of a powder coating operation to determine whether the customer can meet the AAMA requirements. During the audit, we will run a variety of tests to assess how our powder coating powders perform in your process. We will then conduct annual renewal audits to ensure the process parameters have not changed without notification.

If you are interested in becoming AAMA-certified, please email us at or call our customer service at 800-533-9067 for immediate assistance.



TruDurance Architectural Color Card
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Specification Comparison Chart
TruDurance User's Guide (PDF)
Maintenance Guide
Quaker Windows & Doors Case Study

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