TruCoater Custom Coating

TCI is a premier provider of custom powder coatings made to your exact specifications and project requirements.  We stock over 300 products available in a variety of colors, textures and effects, all of which we can custom match upon request.  To aid custom coaters as they conduct their business, we offer a variety of specialty programs that streamline the color selection process and reward our most loyal customers and partners.

Our Color Chip Program includes 2”x3” chips showcasing more than 300 of most popular powder coating colors, so you can easily share accurate color samples with your customers. A wall-mounted display case is available to ensure your chip set is readily accessible whenever it’s needed.

To further acknowledge and reward our powder coater clients, we developed the TruCoater Network, a loyalty program that gives you the opportunity to receive TCI TruCoater e-mail newsletters and take advantage of the Alliance Partner Network that gives you access to additional special offerings, training and events exclusively for TruCoater™ members.

Contact us today to speak with our experienced team about how we can help you with your powder coating needs.

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